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har eh

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This is very important.

Kid In A Bar

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Stress eating.


I want to leave town.

Nothing but food on my mind.

This is just a list of gripes.

So okay!

I had to stop into the White Whale Room at the Alameda Station, and inside was a kid sitting facing the door. Odd to see a little boy in a bar that late into the evening. He was apparently waiting on a food order while his mother was waiting outside with their bikes. There is an explanation for everything.

It was a nice morning, I could see the mountains from the train platform quite clearly. Past the hogback about 150 miles.


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It’s now 29 degrees.



Forgetful Me

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It’s true, I didn’t post yesterday. I should have, but I didn’t. I’ve been so low lately that it seems impossible to try to do anything. Over a week ago I twisted my ankle and its given me all the excuses I need to sit and really do nothing. Really. The current reality is hard to live with, and I’m just exhausted. Aren’t you? I want to change this attitude and get better. Depression is so insidious.

The weather has sure been interesting.

60 degrees on Friday.

Bouncy castles in the neighborhood at night!

Just as warm on Saturday.

Party tent at some house that evening.

Little snowstorm on Sunday.

30 degrees.



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That last post was actually written more than a year ago. It had been sitting in draft form for over a year. Well, DT has been president for over a year now and the government is shut down simply because the Republican party that is in charge of all branches of said civic institution has held the “dreamers” program hostage in the latest budget crisis. This is what extortion looks like.

Enough! This is my blog site, one that I haven’t written in quite a while. I’m coming back. I want to communicate. I need to think. I’ve crawled my way out by writing my thoughts, so I can do it again! Today it’s snowing as of this typing. The temperature is 25 degrees. I will try to report at the end of everyday. I’ll add media as I see fit in order to communicate more of my feelings. I want to reflect myself into this mirror of the mind and soul.

So. With this post I add this set of sounds, the “exquisite corpse”. Add a sound any sound and return to the list frequently, there will be additions. Thank you.

About my year? Perhaps I might talk about it, but not right now. There was too much that happened, too much that transpired. It would me more of a memoir. I’ll stick to the day at hand. There is nothing more to write about. I hope we see each other again. Maybe tonight!


Am I Fat?

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If there is anything about the events concerning the Presidential election has taught us is apparently bamboozling is still a great national pastime. Or waste of time. It’s the age of the surrogates and some candidates this past year have relied heavily on their vigorous minions and others treaded lightly on the national political stage.

So… Trump. Just one name/word. Just one syllable. No, I’m not voting for him. The parachute is in front of me. And if you’re asking, “Parachute?!”. Yes I’m talking Clinton. And for that, we only have ourselves to blame.

There are two alternatives. Jill Stein, Green Party. Gary Johnson, Libertarian. I will still remain silent and vote in November. I am free to choose.